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Going Vegan Plant Based Eating

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

So Here we go! The family and I watched What the Health a documentary made in 2017 and omg how horrific to see the Associations that are supposed to be protecting us from the diseases animal products can cause and the companies that are supposed to be giving us the best possible product are taking years off our lives and can be potentially giving us diseases. Ok I get that when product and factories are moving fast mistakes can happen. Any way its the first week into transferring to vegan all plant based my husband and I thought to start off slow and not throw everything out the freezer and fridge just yet. To be honest every time I eat/prepare meat in our meals I feel so very horrible like I am giving my family no source of good protein and my lil no good calcium since there are studies out there since 1940 that cow milk doesn't help your bones or provide any type of calcium and meat causes breast cancer, colon cancer, heart attacks, and clogged arteries so the goal is to eat meat once a day to get rid of the food in the fridge and freezer and once all is gone we won't buy any more and completely go all in. To be honest its a lil hard we are night owls and we eat late night snacks and eat 6 meals a day which all included meat and my hubby and these growing men in my household are always hungry so I feel ill be making more smaller meals all day to keep every one full. My daughter asked "if we are fully switching what do we do at school they will be serving meat". The worst is processed meat which the schools serve and the school should be giving the students a choice of better eating why keep going on the path of bad habits of eating. So there is 4 1/2 people in our household and if I prep food for everyone for a week straight breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack that's 16 meals a day 64 meals a week I ask my husband do u think all those plates will fit in our fridge? I watch these you tube channels on how to prep vegan meals and I'm getting some ideas its just funny because they only prepare for them selves and significant other. So here we go into a new year new life changes and better health all around the next step will be getting a work out in.

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